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We Are Legend Master Post

Title: We Are Legend
Authors: albeitslowly and chocca2
Artists: agentotter and xtinethepirate
Characters: Sam, Dean, Doc Benton, Castiel, and the Unheavenly Host, Goth!Dean, Antichrist!Sam
Pairings: None (Gen)
Rating: R for gore, violence, and language
Words: ~32,000, written for spn_j2_bigbang
Warnings: Violence, gore, creepiness, foul language, death(not permanent), more death(not permanent), really impossible science fiction, abuse of theology. In this universe Antichrist=/=Lucifer, they are two separate entities.
Summary: They averted the Apocalypse, but getting Dean out of Lucifer's clutches wasn't the end of the brothers' nightmare--only the beginning. Now, Sam's a renegade. He has the power of the Four Horseman at his fingertips, but all he really wants is his big brother. Forever. And what Sammy wants, Sammy gets. Except Dean, still bearing the physical "scars" from his interlude with Lucifer, has plans of his own, and he won't back down, no matter what Sam throws at him. What he does, what they do to find each other crosses the line from creepy into downright macabre, but when have Winchesters ever done anything half-assed? This is Subject Two meets one determined sibling.

This is what happens when the Antichrist plays God.

Disclaimer: Don't own. No harm intended. Fair use only.
Betas: pixel_0, redheadforever, ysbail, riverbella
Link to Art: Art by Agentotter
Link to Art: Art by Xtinethepirate

Part One|Part Two | Part Three | Part Four |Single Post/Dreamwidth|Soundtrack|Tracy's Author Notes|Chocca's Author Notes

This fic...nothing has given me so much grief in my life, and not the good angsty kind of grief. Everyone who's touched it deserves a medal: pixel_0 and redheadforever who volunteered with almost nothing to go one, and ysbail and riverbella--the world's best pinch hitters; the story is so much better for your input. I have to let them off the hook, though, and say that none of them have seen the ending of this fic, so if it fails to deliver, it is no one's fault but our own. From these lovely ladies we got nothing but honesty and some good-natured hand-holding when we needed it.

And special thanks to calamitycrow for agreeing to do a last minute alpha read. If she hadn't, I'd probably still be picking at it, and it would never be posted. I'm not saying I'm ever going to be completely satisfied with it, but I value her opinion and the opinions of each and every one of these women.

We would also like to thank our artists, because we gave them some pretty tough scenarios to work with, not exactly the kind of thing you can get screencaps of, and they worked their butts off all summer long to make sense of what was a very ROUGH draft. I still can't believe how well it turned out. agentotter and xtinethepirate you made our morning with your art, (and probably made the fic as well.)

Finally, thanks to wendy and the rest of the crew at spn_j2_bigbang for all their hard work. It can't be easy to make us look good. :P
Tags: chocca2, dean, master post, resurrection, sam, we are legend
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